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MA Toolz Board Holder


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It is almost here!

MA Toolz has a NEW martial arts board holder called the BolderX which will be available early September.


We have all been waiting patiently for the BolderX and it is almost here. It will hold all of your favorite rebreakable boards and it holds up to 2 one inch boards.


It is superior in every way compared to their previous design and compared to the other board holders out there.  It includes a canvas carrying bag as well.


Read more about in on BreakABoard.com

Rebreakable Boards

Save money breaking boards by using rebreakable boards.  The Ultimate Martial Arts Boards (UMAB) come in a series of colors with various strengths for both children and adults.


The rebeakable boards perform consistently and are made with a super tough nylon material that provides a long life and a proven reliability.


The Ultimate Martial Arts Boards are also known as Century and  ATA rebreakable boards.


Choose from white, yellow, orange, green, blue brown and  black boards.  They fit perfectly in the MA Toolz Bolder!

Wood Boards

Our wood boards are the professionals choice because of their consistent performance and price.


The boards are carefully hand selected to ensure that they always have the snappy and crisp break that instructors and students alike expect when breaking wood boards.


Choose form a variety of sizes or place a custom order.

image of Wood boards

TKD Forms DVDs

Learn ITF and WTF Poomse from a Master Taekwodo instructor and a champion forms competitor.  ITF and WTF DVDs available.

ianmge of WTF Poomse DVD image of ITF Poomse DVD with Cliff Hong

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