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"One of our students brought a set in and we tried it out. We love it!"           ~ L Thom


Board Holder by MA Toolz


MA Toolz has just announced that their NEW BolderX will be available early September.  This next generation adjustable Bolder will hold all of your rebreakable boards as well as up to 2 one inch pine boards.


Send us an email if you are interested in getting information on a pre-order promotion.

MA Toolz BiolderX board holder logo

Martial Arts Bolder Board Holder

The NEW MA Toolz BolderX will protect the board holder's fingers from injury and it gives the kicker more confidence when breaking boards because the kicker knows he won't kick the holder's fingers.


Great for accuracy training, speed breaking, testing, demonstration etc.  Why take a chance injuring your fingers or your students fingers when you can protect them with the BolderX.


Hold at any angle for any kick.  Much more versatile than board holders on the market.

Comes with canvas carrying bag!

Greater savings when you buy combinations!

Buy 1 MA Toolz Bolder

Board Holder and 1 Rebreakable

Board and Save 31% off List Price

Buy 2 MA Toolz Bolder

Board Holder and Save

29% off List Price

Buy 3 MA Toolz Bolder

Board Holder and Save

33% off List Price

Bolder Out of Stock!


Bolder Discs


Black Discs for

rebreakable boards


Package now comes with 6 sets

MA Toolz Black replacement discs

Grey Discs for 1 inch

wood boards


Package now comes with 6 sets

MA Toolz Grey replacement discs

List $1.50 (Six disc sets)

Our Price $1.00

Pick Disc Color

The MA Toolz Bolder comes with 3 sets of Black Discs (12 ea) and 3 sets of Grey Discs (12ea) to hold both wood boards and rebreakable boards.   They will wear after usage and we have replaceable discs available.   Do not store boards in the Bolders to increase life of discs.


Just adhere 1 set of the discs to the inside of the channel depending on the type of boards you break.  When the boards are broken, they don't go flying across the room nor land on your toes but stay safely in the Bolder to protect you from injury.


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